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Unlock your ideas with our Android app expertise. From books to business, Education to health, and lifestyle to magazines, We create custom apps that empower users. Personalized lessons, fitness tracking, and interactive features enhance experiences.

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What do we do?

Softcraft Systems And Solutions Private Limited offers specialized App development and Software solution services. We leverage the vast reach of the Android platform and the increasing popularity of iPhones. With our experienced team, we bring your app and software ideas to life, ensuring they reach a wide audience.

Additionally, our skilled developers excel in website development, using various techniques and technologies to turn your website desires into captivating realities.

App Development

At Softcraft Systems, we offer specialized Android app  development services. As the largest application platform available today, Android provides a vast reach.

Our team has experience in creating Android applications, as well as developing for other mobile platforms. Such as Windows, Tizen, Blackberry, and iPhone/iOS. With our expertise, we can bring your app ideas to life and ensure they reach a wide audience.

88% devoting their time

When considering phone usage, a significant majority, roughly 88% of individuals, devote their mobile time to utilizing a diverse range of applications.

6.3 billion Smart Phone Users

The mobile app industry is thriving, driven by the remarkable presence of 6.3 billion smartphone users across the globe. With a constant surge in app utilization and widespread smartphone adoption, there are no signs ofa slowdown on the horizon.

App Development

Increasing popularity of iPhones by developing your own. We specialize in iOS app development and can help your business thrive in the iPhone market.

By leveraging our expertise, you can expand your reach and achieve success in no time. Reach out to us today and witness your business soar to new heights.


We turn your website desires into reality. We use a wide range of techniques and technologies to meet all your requirements.

Whether you need a simple informational website or a complex e- commerce platform, we have the expertise to deliver. We take your ideas and transform them into captivating websites that represent your brand. Trust us to bring your concepts to life and showcase them on the digital screen for the world to see.

Websites are crucial for business

Users form an opinion about your website within a mere 50 milliseconds. Websites serve as crucial touchpoints for businesses, and visitors swiftly develop impressions. Crafting a website that leaves a positive first impression is of utmost importance due to this rapid evaluation process.


We build software applications that can run on multiple platforms. It allows developers to create a single codebase, reducing time and effort.

With frameworks like Xamarin, Flutter or React Native, code reusability, consistent user experience and faster time to market can be achieved. Softcraft Systems can leverage this approach to lower development costs and reach a wider audience while considering platform-specific limitations.

62% relies on Small Website

Based on the GoDaddy Data Observatory India 2023, it reveals that over the past five years, 55% of small businesses were established, and approximately 62% of Indian small businesses rely on websites, e-commerce platforms, or online stores as their primary sales channels for business growth.

Web App

We specialize in web apps with platform- independent solutions. Our expertise ensures seamless accessibility across various devices and operating systems.

With easy updates and maintenance, businesses can roll out bug fixes and updates effortlessly. Softcraft Systems’ cost-effective approach eliminates the need for separate native applications, resulting in significant savings.

Android has 75% global market

Nowadays, the options are narrowed down to just Android and iOS, the dominant players in the mobile operating system arena, collectively holding a staggering 99.22% of the market share. Statista’s forecast highlights Android’s continued dominance, commanding a substantial 75% share of the global mobile operating system market.


Unlock your ideas with our Android app expertise. From books to business, education to health, and lifestyle to magazines, we create custom apps that empower users. Personalized lessons, fitness tracking and interactive features enhance experiences.